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Innovative Email Optimization Tools for Your Business

Just a few ways you can use the power of email...

Advertising & Marketing

Billing & Invoicing

Social Media Interfacing

Launch Informational and Marketing Campaigns

Communicate with Customers, Staff, and Vendors

Conduct Service Surveys

Plus More


Customer Relationship Management

Create & Send Newsletters

Send Special Alerts & Notifications

Customer Loyalty & Rewards Management

Capture Customer Leads

Send Greetings, Service Acknowledgements and Thank-You Messaging

EmailEdition Features...

  • Unlimited email subscribers with each plan

  • Email automation

  • Contact list database and management

  • Data security

  • Customized email design, engagement, and delivery

  • Website integration

  • Plus More 

Additional Services:

On-boarding is available with all plans, to get you set up.

Client Success Support is provided to all EmailEdition subscribers.

Business Email Boxes to reflect your brand can be provided for an additional charge.

EmailEdition Plans & Pricing...

EmailEdition Plans & Pricing

15K Plan

Includes 15,000 emails per month

$229 monthly

30K Plan

Includes 15,000 emails per month

$299 monthly

60K Plan

Includes 15,000 emails per month

$349 monthly

Ask us about custom plans in excess of  over 60k emails.

For more information, or if you have questions,

Email us at: and type the word 'email' in the subject line.

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